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Covid-19 and small-scale fisheries in Africa: Impacts on livelihoods and the fish value chain in Cameroon and Liberia

Nyiawung, Richard A. and Ayilu, Raymond K. and Suh, Neville N. and Ngwang, Norbert N. and Varnie, Frederick and Loring, Philip A. (2021) Covid-19 and small-scale fisheries in Africa: Impacts on livelihoods and the fish value chain in Cameroon and Liberia.

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This study explores the emerging impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on coastal small-scale fishing communities in Cameroon and Liberia, where we conducted qualitative interviews with small-scale fish harvesters, fish processors, traders, and consumers. We found that the implementation of COVID-19 safety and health protocol initiatives impacted the entire fish value chain, which contributed to social anxiety and negatively affected social well-being for those who depend on small-scale fisheries for employment and livelihoods. Fisheries in both nations saw a reduction in fish catch, widened supply and demand gap and a significant spike in fish price. Drawing on the Sustainable Livelihoods literature, we discuss how COVID-19 interacted with other existing aspects of community vulnerability and lack of capacity, despite communities finding ways to respond safely to the challenges of the pandemic. Moving forward, these small-scale fisheries will require a holistic assessment of the long-term social, ecological and economic impacts of the pandemic. Better fish processing and storage facilities and more robust institutional structures around markets and fisheries management will improve the adaptive capacity of people in these communities, who will no doubt face future challenges related to issues such as climate change.

Item Type: Articles
Keywords: Covid, Small-scale Fisheries, Africa, Livelihoods, Value Chain, Cameroon, Liberia, Fishing Communities, Fish Catch, Employment, Vulnerability, Economic Impact, Social Impact, Fisheries Management, Climate Change
Subjects: Disasters and Climate Change
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Date Deposited: 02 Feb 2022 04:43
Last Modified: 30 May 2022 06:54
URI: http://icsfarchives.net/id/eprint/10502

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