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‘Using transdisciplinarity for fisheries policies and the SSF guidelines implementation in India’: Report from a virtual workshop

Kerezi, Vesna and Andrews, Evan and Nair, Navya and Pradhan, Sisir and Monefa, Marzana and Chuenpagdee, Ratana (2021) ‘Using transdisciplinarity for fisheries policies and the SSF guidelines implementation in India’: Report from a virtual workshop. Too Big To Ignore Research Report No.R-02 . Too Big To Ignore, Canada.

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The transdisciplinary (TD) approach argues that the problems and priorities in fisheries and ocean governance, especially when concerning small-scale fisheries (SSF), require a broadening of perspectives that cut across academic disciplines, bridge division between scientific and local knowledge, and bring about innovation in teaching and learning. The TD perspective is particularly important when dealing with the ‘wicked problems’ in SSF governance, due mostly to insecure tenure rights, lack of livelihood options, poor access to markets, and marginalization of small-scale fishers in decision-making. This approach is also required to facilitate the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines) and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The virtual workshop titled 'Using Transdisciplinarity for Fisheries Policies and the SSF Guidelines Implementation in India' workshop, which took place during April 14-16th 2021, was organized by the Too Big To Ignore project (TBTI, http://toobigtoignore.net/) in collaboration with two other global research partnerships: Dried Fish Matters (DFM; https://driedfishmatters.org/) and From Vulnerability to Viability (V2V, https://www.v2vglobalpartnership.org/). While the workshop was supported by FAO as part of the FAO-TBTI joint agreement on 'Transdisciplinary capacity building to support the implementation of the SSF Guidelines', it was not an official international meeting organized by the UN. Participants were those responding voluntarily to the open call for participation and were invited on an individual basis, not to represent India or government institutions in India.

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Keywords: Fisheries Policy, SSF Guidelines, Governance, Small-scale Fisheries, Access Rights, Livelihoods, VGSSF, Food Security, Poverty, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), FAO, TBTI, Capacity Building, United Nations (UN), India
Subjects: SSF Guidelines
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