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Prawn culture proved highly profitable in Pondicherry

L., Chidambaram (1980) Prawn culture proved highly profitable in Pondicherry. Marine Fisheries Information Service (17). p. 11.

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A natural small pond formed by tidal effect of the sea (Coramandal Coast) near Moorthikuppam-Puthukuppam village, about 21 km south of Pondicherry was selected for an experiment in commercial prawn culture. The pond with muddy bottom is about 1 acre in area and situated adjoining Uppanar river which is a branch of Ponniar river. Initially natural stocking was carried out by letting in water from the river at high tide through the sluice gate provided for the pond. In addition 5,000 prawn seeds of species Penaeus semisulcatus, P. indicus and P. monodon were also collected and stocked in the pond on December 12, 1979.

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