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Coastal vulnerability to climate change: A Pilot study in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu

R., Geetha and Divipala, Indira and K., Vinod and Kizhakudan, Shoba Joe and M., Manivasagam and P.U., Zacharia (2013) Coastal vulnerability to climate change: A Pilot study in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu. Marine Fisheries Information Service (217). pp. 43-45. ISSN 0254-380X

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The impact of natural disasters like floods, cyclones and rising sea levels are evident in many coastal pockets of Tamil Nadu. A preliminary survey of the coastal districts in the state revealed that Cuddalore district has been the worst affected of all districts in the recent past, with the impact of tsunami in 2004, cyclone Thane in 2011 and cyclone Neelam in 2012, creating a detrimental impact on coastal communities and their activities, particularly fishing. This has in turn affected their livelihood to a great extent.

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Keywords: CMFRI, India, Tamil Nadu, Climate Change, Impact, Damages, Vulnerability
Subjects: Disasters and Climate Change
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