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Discussion document: Towards voluntary guidelines on securing sustainable small-scale fisheries

FAO, Food and Agricultural Organisation (2011) Discussion document: Towards voluntary guidelines on securing sustainable small-scale fisheries. Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), Rome.

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Official URL: https://www.fao.org/3/am431e/am431e.pdf


The importance of small-scale fisheries and their role as a contributor to poverty alleviation and food security are increasingly being recognised. Recent estimates indicate that small-scale fisheries contribute close to one half (46 percent) of global marine and inland fish catches. In developing countries this share is estimated at 54 percent. When considering catches destined for direct human consumption, the share contributed by small-scale fisheries increases to two-thirds. They employ over 90 percent of the world’s more than 35 million capture fishers and support another estimated 85 million people employed in associated jobs, in particular in fish processing, distribution and marketing. About half of the people employed in small-scale fisheries are women. In addition to the large number of full and part time fishers and fish workers, seasonal or occasional fishing often provide vital supplements to other livelihood activities, in times of difficulties or as a recurrent side-line activity. Small-scale fisheries generate income, provide food for local markets and make important contributions to nutrition. They also represent a diversity and cultural richness that is of global significance.

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Keywords: VGSSF, SSF Guidelines, FAO, Small-scale Fisheries, Food Security, Fish Catch, Developing Countries, Fish Consumption, Capture Fisheries, Fish Processing, Fish Marketing, Women, Livelihoods, Income, Nutrition
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