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A review of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing issues and progress in the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission region

Wilcox, Chris and Mann, Vanessa and Cannard, Toni and Ford, Jessica and Hoshino, Eriko and Pascoe, Sean (2021) A review of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing issues and progress in the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission region. Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization ( CSIRO ), Bangkok. ISBN 978-92-5-133795-0

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Official URL: https://www.fao.org/3/cb2640en/cb2640en.pdf


Abstract: FAO commissioned this report two years ago to produce an independent update to an unpublished 2015 study on IUU fishing in the ‘APFIC area’, which was presented to the APFIC as an information paper in 2016 (FAO, 2016a). The 2015 study used a mixture of media reports, literature reviews and interviews to build a picture of hotspots of illegal fishing across the ‘APFIC area’. This report builds on the previous work, incorporating additional analysis methods to predict illegal fishing in a transparent manner. Based on discussions with the APFIC Secretariat, it was decided to limit the study to the illegal component of IUU fishing. A key difference with the 2015 study is the extension of the estimation of illegal fishing from the 33 hotspots covered in the 2015 study to the entire ‘APFIC area’ in this study. This report provides the following key outputs: (i) development and implementation of an agreed methodology for estimating illegal-fishing levels and progress; (ii) information from case studies in three Asia-Pacific countries; and (iii) analysis of results from the agreed method estimating the incidence of illegal fishing and implications of efforts to reduce it. The approach taken to achieve these goals included a structured online survey of fisheries officials in APFIC countries, semi structured interviews of key informants knowledgeable about illegal fishing in the APFIC region and analysis of articles on illegal fishing from public media data across the ‘APFIC area’.

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Keywords: Illegal, Unregulated Fishing Issues, Asia-Pacific Fishery, CSIRO, IUU, Unreported and Unregulated, APFIC
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