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Atlas of deep water demersal fishery resources in the Bay of Bengal

T., Nishida and K., Sivasubramaniam (1986) Atlas of deep water demersal fishery resources in the Bay of Bengal. BOBP/WP/53 . Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP), Colombo.

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Official URL: https://www.fao.org/3/ae432e/ae432e00.htm


This paper analyses available data about deep-sea demersal resources in the Bay of Bengal region, most of which are presently unexploited. It contains maps on the distribution and abundance of 20 fish families, and a list of species found in the 100-600 m depth zone.

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Keywords: Fisheries Resources, Demersal Fisheries, Atlas, Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP)
Subjects: Right to Resources
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