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Mangrove mapping in Ecuador: The Impact of shrimp pond construction

Terchunian, Aram and Klemas, Victor and Segovia, Alberto and Alvarez, Agustin and Vasconez, Bryon and Guerrero, Luis (1986) Mangrove mapping in Ecuador: The Impact of shrimp pond construction. Springer-verlag New York Inc., New York.

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This paper deals with the mapping of mangrove areas in Ecuador using aerial photographic images, to see the impact on the mangroves after the construction of the shrimp farms. This study was carried on a multitemporal basis and shows that there is reduction in the mangrove area and an increase in the pond area over the years. This creates a historical base for future management strategies.

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Keywords: Coastal Area Management, Aquaculture, Mangroves, Shrimp, Ecuador, South America
Subjects: Biodiversity
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