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Rethinking artisanal fisheries development: Western concepts, Asian experiences

Emmerson, Donald (1980) Rethinking artisanal fisheries development: Western concepts, Asian experiences. World Bank Staff Working Paper No.423 . World bank (WB), Washington.

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While reviewing the "state of the art" of artisanal fisheries development, this paper argues for policies that are sensitive to contexts and alternatives. A simple analytic frame is offered to replace general goals. Compared to production and conservation distribution as a major concern of marine resource management has received inadequate attention. Yet to those who live in fishing communities, the sharing of the value of the catch is crucial and likely to become more so as marine resources grow scarcer in relation to demand. Also reflecting the increased importance of distributive issues is the assertion of national authority over previously unclaimed oceanic space.

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Keywords: Fisheries Development, Asia, Fisheries Management, Artisanal Fisheries, Small Scale Fisheries, World Bank (WB)
Subjects: Right to Resources
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