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Choose or lose: A Recovery plan for fish stocks and the UK fishing industry

MacGarvin, Malcolm and Jones, Sarah (1986) Choose or lose: A Recovery plan for fish stocks and the UK fishing industry. World Wide Fund for Nature, United Kingdom (UK).

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Official URL: https://assets.wwf.org.uk/downloads/chooselose.pdf


Few people understand why UK fisheries are in crisis. The symptoms of devastated fish stocks and overfishing are clear for all to see, but they are not the root of the problem. The reason why there is a crisis is that we have run down a natural resource at an accelerating pace over a century and more. Now, with stocks on the brink of collapse and no new fisheries to exploit, we have the following stark choice whether to spend far more than current budgets allow to fund recovery programmes; or face the very real prospect of the loss of fish stocks, the fishing industry and the communities that depend on it. If we invest in the industry now, there is good reason to expect stocks to recover, as will the fortunes of some of our most far-flung coastal communities. Indeed there is every prospect that, in the medium term of 5-10 years, such recovery programmes will become profitable. There is general agreement that a well managed fishery around the UK could generate vastly more income than now - a goal that should be at the core of these recovery programmes. Funding is not a subsidy it is about investment, and the reduction and reform of subsidy. The stocks will be bigger and healthier; the economy and the environment will both win. If we do not invest, fisheries will continue to lurch from one short-term crisis to the next. At best it will be a missed opportunity. More likely it will result in the decimation of stocks and disintegration of the communities. We will have helped cause the effective loss of species for which we have a unique responsibility in Europe, given the vast area of sea under the influence of this island nation.

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